Meet the Team

Samantha Williams, Executive Director

Samantha Williams

Executive Director

Samantha Williams is the executive director at Sterling Ridge Senior Living. She has over two decades of experience working in senior living and program management. Samantha received a degree in health care administration from Highline Community College in Washington. She also holds licenses in long-term care and Nevada residential facility administration from the Las Vegas Board of Examiners. Prior to this role, Samantha was an executive director at a memory care community and a health care administrator.

Maddie Guevera

Maddie Guevara

Resident Care Director
Maddie Guevara is the Resident Care director at Sterling Ridge Senior Living. She has worked in the senior living industry for over five years, and she found her passion for senior living after volunteering at an adult day care community. In this role, Maddie enjoys the warmth between staff and residents that creates a sense of family. She loves saying “welcome home” to each resident.
Laura Herrera

Laura Herrera

Memory Care Director

Laura Herrera is the Memory Care director at Sterling Ridge Senior Living. Laura has been working for Sterling Ridge since 2016.

Outside of work, Laura enjoys cooking for her five children. For her, there is nothing better than to hear “Mom, this was delicious.”

James Barela

James Barela

Culinary Services Director

James Barela is the Culinary Services director at Sterling Ridge Senior Living. James has almost two decades of experience as a chef. James enjoys preparing fun dishes for the holidays and organizing special events for the residents. He likes to provide a variety of food options and is always open to ideas from residents.

In his free time, James coaches his two teenage sons’ soccer teams and plays in a men’s basketball league.

Gladys Guerra

Gladys Guerra

Business Office Director

Gladys Guerra serves as the Business Office director at Sterling Ridge Senior Living and has been a member of this team since 2006. In this role, Gladys oversees bookkeeping and staff functions, guides community policies and procedures, and manages staff meetings. She is passionate about creating a caring and compassionate workplace where the staff can grow as people and professionals.

Outside of work, Gladys enjoys spending time with her family and friends, as well as her second family at Sterling Ridge.

Cydnie Golden

Cydnie Golden

Community Relations Director

Cydnie Golden is the Community Relations director at Sterling Ridge Senior Living and has almost five years of experience in the senior living industry. In this role, Cydnie serves as an advocate and guide for residents and their families. She builds relationships in the community, drives occupancy growth and makes sure residents feel at home. Prior to joining the team at Sterling Ridge, she worked in marketing and admissions. Cydnie received her B.A. degree in organizational communications and psychology from Middle Tennessee State University.

Cydnie is originally from Portland, Oregon. She has lived in multiple states, has spent time in Mexico and is fluent in Spanish. Outside of work, she enjoys practicing gymnastics and acrobatics.

Vernell Brown Sr.

Vernell Brown Sr.

Building Services Director

Vernell Brown Sr. is the Building Services director at Sterling Ridge Senior Living. Vernell has worn many hats over the course of his career. He has been an environmental services director, a Realtor and an assistant facilities manager at a nonprofit. He considers himself a service-oriented person and enjoys working at Sterling Ridge Senior Living to continue to give back and provide valuable service to our residents.

In his free time, Vernell enjoys playing guitar, golfing and restoring antique furniture.

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