Las Vegas Media Honors 102-Year-Old Resident on Veterans Day

Local TV stations attended Sterling Ridge’s Veterans Day celebration and shared a segment about 102-year-old resident Roy Hashimura, one of the Las Vegas Valley’s oldest living vets!

Roy served in the U.S. Army’s 47th Infantry in Germany for four years, where he oversaw German prisoners of war. As a Japanese American, he was also sent to live in an internment camp in the states after the Pearl Harbor attack.

While deployed in Germany, Roy met his late wife, Anna Becker. They had three children including his daughter, Alice Lee, who introduced her father to the cameras, highlighting his resilient spirit.

From his army service to his time in internment, to beating both COVID-19 and pneumonia in his old age, Alice told Fox 5 and Channel 13 News how her father has remained an honest, hardworking, charitable and empathetic person in good times and bad.

Watch the Fox 5 News segment to learn more about Roy.

Sterling Ridge Senior Living is a veteran-proud community and our dedicated team members place great importance on showing gratitude to our brave and wonderful residents who are U.S. military veterans. To learn more, call 702-577-3403.

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